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In the year 1982 the Lord gave Rev.Dr. Dam Suan Mung a vision to reach the Nation of Burma (Myanmar) for Christ. It seems the Lord strongly urged him that one day the Nation of Burma (Myanmar) shall be known as a Christian Nation. In human’s point of view it is hard to believe. But the Lord said “Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit.”

The Lord granted him the best answer to his vision and gave way to establish a church in the capital city. In order to shake the Nation for Christ, we need to shake the capital city first. The capital city is the main key for politic, economy and spiritual force. The Lord did not want him to go and be a Pastor of already established church. The vision is to have ten thousand members who are Christ centered, Spirit filled and reaching the people with the gospel message of Jesus Christ and plant churches as many as possible throughout the nation.

With the above vision, on September 13, 1987 Full Gospel Assembly was started with only 5 people under the leadership of Rev.Dr. Dam Suan Mung,in the outskirt of the city of Rangoon (Yangon). Within (20) years of running, our members increased up to 3000 members with 450 families. In September of 1996, we also have a Bible School called “Full Gospel Bible Training Centre” which is a year course. Every year 100 students graduated from our Bible School. With our former graduates, we formed Church planting teams in different cities of the nation. Now we have been able to send out 52 missionaries and planted 19 churches throughout the nation.

We have 13 outreach stations in Rangoon city(Yangon) and neighbouring area and have house-to-house and one-to-one evangelism every Saturday with the present Bible School students, the staffs and members of the church. With these efforts every year we won many non-Christians converted to Christianity and many healings and miracles took place. The students are well equipped with experience of sharing the gospel of God in a year course. They soon become bold enough and enthusiastic for evangelism. Many of them become a vibrant praise and worship leaders and preachers of the Gospel.

We also have a children home called “Elshaddai Children Home” with 59 children for 6 years now. These children are so cute and lovely and trained in the knowledge of the Word of God. We provide them with food, shelter and take responsibility for their education.

We also have two monthly literature ministries which really blessed many people throughout the globe. One is in Burmese and the other in Chin. The Burmese one is called “The Banner of Salvation” and the Chin one is called “The Voice of Yangon”. Many people are touched and blessed by this literature ministry every month.

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